AAU Arctic


Arctic Studies Specialization

As the only university in Denmark, Aalborg University offers an Arctic Studies specialization track in English as part of the MA Culture, Communication and Globalization program. Since 2014, students can follow courses and write their master's thesis regarding Arctic issues. The modules are predominantly built around themes covered by the research group CIRCLA. Subjects include: 

  • Climate change, climate adaptation and sustainability
  • Culture and rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Colonialism, independence and politics
  • Security, geopolitics and globalization
  • Tourism, cultural heritage and identity
  • Technology, co-creation

Arctic Medicine Student Association

The association for Arctic Medicine students at the Faculty of Medicine at Aalborg University aims to disseminate knowledge regarding the health care system in Greenland and the Arctic and to encourage collaboration between local health institutions and AAU students. They are working on strengthening research on medicine and health in the Arctic and fostering learning and cultural exchange. 

Read more about students' internships in Greenland in this article by Nordjyske


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FACTs: Arctic Studies 

  • Specialization track within MA Culture, Communication & Globalization
  • Part of the Department of Culture and Learning
  • Offered since 2014
  • Track is taught in English
  • Total specialization: 70 ECTS:
  1. Semester: 5 ECTS-module
  2. Semester: 5 ECTS-module
  3. Semester: 30 ECTS
  4. Semester: 30 ECTS

More information

For more information, please contact coordinator Robert C. Thomsen (thomsen@hum.aau.dk). 


Read more about the program here.