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Choose to specialize in the Arctic

Choose to specialize in the Arctic

Arctic societies are changing - study the past, the now, and the future Arctic at AAU

The Arctic is undergoing dramatic changes, both related to climate change, internationalization, and societal development. As an AAU student, you have the chance to dedicate part of your time to studying these changes and challenges.

If you are beginning one of the following Master’s degrees Culture, Communication and Globalization (CCG), Development and International Relations (DIR), Tourism, or European Studies (ES) you are able to choose a specialization in Arctic Studies at Aalborg University.

The Arctic Studies specialization introduces students to the Arctic as a field of research, as well as a region with different cultural, social, political, and national characteristics.

- A common denominator for the lectures was the element of class discussion, which was especially great due to the different perspectives of the students. Some were studying tourism, others consumption, and politics were represented as well. This enabled diverse discussions with a wider range of input. – Mikkel Underlin Østergaard, PhD.-student and former Arctic Studies-student

The specialization furthermore provides students with specialized knowledge about the Arctic, and it prepares them for how they can use this knowledge after graduating. As part of the programme, you will get advised on how to develop your career within the Arctic field, as well as visits to Arctic stakeholders in Aalborg and guidance on applying for internships related to the Arctic.

- There is a great network of actors working with the Arctic in the North of Denmark, and I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this network as early as possible. To a high degree, it was thanks to the Arctic Studies professors that I succeeded to get in contact with possible employers at an early stage. Once I had built a network, it was easy to find specific career goals, as well as ways to communicate and even reach them. – Verena Huppert, PhD Fellow and former Arctic Studies-student

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