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Memorandum of Understanding - Hokkaido University

Memorandum of Understanding - Hokkaido University

Memorandum of Understanding between The Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University Sapporo, Japan and AAU Arctic, Aalborg University, Denmark


Complementing the Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Exchange between Hokkaido University (HU) and AAU Arctic, Aalborg University, Denmark  wish to cooperate in research and student instruction and training, to encourage the exchange of selected graduate students, early-career researchers and faculty members, to foster collaborative research engagements, exchange of scientific data and information, and to assist each other when appropriate in organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities of mutual interest.

Activities To Further Mutual Objectives

Subject to specific, supplemental agreements, both centers                    

  • agree to welcome visiting faculty members and personnel from the other   institution.  Neither institution is obliged to provide financial support for such visitors; however, each agrees to provide office space and library privileges.  Each institution will also, where needed, assist in immigration formalities;
  • agree to collaboratively explore joint research projects of mutual interest, including but not limited to joint field work based research in human and social issues;
  • agree to promote exchange of early-career researchers and faculty members for the purposes of professional development, joint research and joint instruction, such as field courses or summer schools;
  • agree to consider and foster exchange of graduate students;
  • agree to exchange scientific information and publications on request;
  • agree to collaborate on the organization of joint conferences, symposia, and workshops, as mutually agreed upon.

Contact person: Lill Rastad Bjørst, Associate Professor, Platform coordinator, AAU Arctic, Aalborg University.

For AAU Staff: find the MoU in WorkZone (AAU’s journaliseringssystem) med sagsnr. 2018-871-00032.