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New AAU Secretariat

On behalf of AAU Arctic, the cross-faculty platform for Arctic research at Aalborg University, I am delighted to announce that as of January 2021 we welcome a new secretariat:

  • Carina Ren from Center for Innovation and Research on Culture and Living in the Arctic replaces Anne Merrild Hansen as chair
  • Rikke Becker Jacobsen from Centre for Blue Governance takes on the role as coordinator for the AAU Arctic platform

I look forward to working with the new secretariat as they take on an even more hands-on function in developing events and initiatives for AAU Arctic.

Carina Ren is associate professor in Tourism and Cultural Innovation at the Department of Culture and Learning. Carina researches connections between tourism and other fields of the social through innovation, knowledge collaboration and local value creation. In recent year and in close collaboration with Arctic and Greenlandic stakeholders, Carina has addressed the valuation of the Arctic Winter Games (Nuuk, 2016), sustainable business development in South Greenland and links between tourism development, entrepreneurship and Arctic futures. She is WP lead on the projects ARCTISEN (Developing culturally sensitive tourism in the Artic) and Sustainable Arctic Cruise Communities. Carina has published in leading Arctic and tourism journals and is co-editor of several special issues and books, recently Collaborative Methods in Arctic Research. Experiences from Greenland (2020, Routledge) with Anne Merrild Hansen. Carina is member of IASS-SSH working group and has been a member of the AAU Arctic coordination committee since its beginning.

New coordinator of AAU Arctic is Rikke Becker Jacobsen, associate professor at the Department of Planning, AAU. Anthropologist of background, Rikke wrote her PhD (2014) on the subject of power and participation in Greenlandic fishery governance under the Greenland Climate research Centre. She subsequently conducted post doc research on the societal role of the fishing industry on a stipend by the Greenland Self Government. An affiliated researcher at the Greenland Climate Research Centre from 2009-2015, she co-edited the AMAP report ‘Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic – Perspectives from the Baffin Bay and Davis Strait region’ (2017). Like Carina, Rikke has been a member of AAU Arctic coordination committee since she returned from Nuuk (2015), where she has witnessed the consolidation of AAU Arctic and experienced the many opportunities it offers to researchers working with Greenland and the Arctic.

I would like to thank Anne Merrild, the outgoing chair, for her great efforts in building the AAU Arctic platform, and look forward to following the many exciting AAU Arctic initiatives planned for 2021 and beyond.

Henrik Halkier, Dean
Head of the AAU Arctic Steering group