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New trainee at AAU Arctic: Jenna Kuronen

Since 4 October 2017, we have had a new trainee, as Jenna Kuronen started her 9th semester internship at AAU Arctic.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization, with a focus on Market Communication and Consumption and specialization in Arctic Studies at Aalborg University. My research background and interests include topics, such as the role of culture in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility strategies and communication, and sustainable change within organizations as well as in consumer behavior.

I hold a BA degree with a major in International Relations and minor in Human Rights, which I obtained during my studies in Sweden. Originally, I come from Finland where I have gained professional experience in management and communications both in the field of politics as well as in the private sector.

I’m very excited to do my internship at AAU Arctic where I’ll be working with diverse communication and marketing -related assignments. After graduation, my goal is to continue on a Ph.D. programme and pursue a research-based career in the future.